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Type O Negative Lyrics

(We Were) Electrocute...A Dish Better Served Coldly
3.o.i.f.All Hallows Eve
AnesthesiaAngry Inch
Are You AfraidBad Ground
Be My DruidessBlack No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)
Blood & FireBloody Kisses (A Death In The Family)
Burnt FlowersBurnt Flowers Fallen
Can't Lose YouChristian Woman
Cinnamon GirlCreepy Green Light
Dark Side Of The WombDay Tripper (medley)
Der UntermenschDer Untermensch
Die With MeDrunk In Paris
Everyone I Love Is DeadEverything Dies
Fay Wray Come Out And PlayGlass Walls Of Limbo (dance Mix)
Gravitational ConstantGravitational Constant: G = 6.67 X 10-8 Cm-3 Gm-1 Sec -2
GravityGreen Man
HauntedHey Pete
How Could She?I Don't Wanna Be Me
I Know You're Fucking Someone ElseI Like Goils
In Praise Of BacchusIYDKMIGTHTKY (Gimme That)
Kill All The White PeopleKill You Tonight
Kill You Tonight (reprise)Life Is Killing Me
LiverLove You To Death
LungMachine Screw
My Girlfriend's GirlfriendNettie
Prelude To AgonyPrelude To Agony
Pyretta BlazeRed Water (Christmas Mourning)
Set Me On FireSinus
Skip ItSummer Breeze
The Glourious Liberation Of The People's Technocratic Republic OfThe Misinterpretation Of Silence And Its Disastrous Consequences
Thir13teenTodd's Ship Gods (Above All Things)
Too Late: FrozenUnsuccessfully Coping With The Natural Beauty Of Infidelity
Unsuccessfully Coping With The Natural Beauty Of InfidelityWe Hate Everyone
White SlaveryWho Will Save The Sane?
Wolf Moon (including Zoanthropic Paranoia)World Coming Down
Xero ToleranceXero Tolerance
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Song Type O Negative Lyrics.
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