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by "Electric Light Orchestra"

Bury a jar of shao sing
When the girl is born
Surely you know the wine will age
Till shes fully grown
Dont fly into the night
Soon enough the world will end
While the lantern is right


I could find a good time girl in chinatown
Dancing in my shoes
See the eastern ladies walking chinatown
Chain me down

Maybe ill drink your jasmine tea
Then ill hurry home
Surely you know the likes of me
Should be left alone
Why they like a me for
Soon enough the world will end
If i answer the door


Look at the tall pagoda through
Through your window pane
Watching it by your dragon night
On a cocoa day
Youll discover the white
Orchids in my humble moon
While the lantern is right


Electric Light Orchestra - Chinatown Lyrics - Download MP3
Electric Light Orchestra - Chinatown Lyrics.
Rating : 10 out of 10
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